Tuesday, October 24, 2006
Now I am really tired...But I got some good news!
I got my web-cam in the post this morning. Its installed and ready to go. When my dad did the upgrade on my PC I lost the application that controlled my old web-cam and I ruined trying to reinstall it. In fact I took it to peaces in a vain attempt to try and fix it.....Ok I smashed it in anger. But now my new one is here and it looks fantastic. Now the only problem will be my hair and I will have to keep up appearances when talking to folk on the internet

Right the reason I am tired is that Jen was here last night and my physio came this morning and she put me through some paces to correct my balance again as I have been lax with my exercises since I got Claire.
My arms are fine, they are the strongest they have ever been but I need to concentrate on my legs again if I want to walk on them for any long distance.(Anything over 15 feet just wipes me out, great indoors but useless out!) We have arranged that I attend the gym within the hospital in a few weeks soon. They have a lock down on all out patience at the moment because of an airborne virus and they are on clean up mode at the moment.(the hospital just won an award of excellence and they are keeping up the standards! I am in no damger there!)

Its not very offtern I am this physically tired but I will get through it. Lots of rest I think for today.

Hope you are all well.

This is for Jen:
***********WONDERFUL WORLD (by James Morrison)*********
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