Friday, October 27, 2006
So what's next Dave?
Well I have a few things which I would like to develop further. Like my study and photography and writing but I get this feeling that I am just filling in time before my next flair. I am happy. I have no fear of what's coming but I do hate this waiting. I consider myself lucky like a guy who has just escaped from being hit by a car but knows there is another one coming. Its weird!

I would love to go back to work but there is life out there and that is more scary than staying in-doors. I think staying out of telephone work is going to be the best possible route for me. Don't get me wrong I like meeting new people and find it easy to make new friends but talking to the public and serving the public grinds on my back teeth. If I want any possible restbite from this situation I will have to educate myself in another field. I feel like a prepubescent teenager again trying to make life decisions before he knows what to do. This time tho....I have life experience. I know what I can do. I know what failure feels like and I know I can commit myself to something...Something.

Haven't I been here before? Oh yeah...I have! I was looking for a hobby and someone suggested I get a flat mate!lol! Well I think I have progessed from that point(more ways than one!) and I think I have an idea what to do.

Dave the thinker!!!

Yesterday was short after my journey to the shops. I have been sleepy all day today but I have got that mark off the bathroom floor after 10 minutes scrubbing on my knee's. I find cleaning is a way to clean up my thoughts too. I still need to clean the house up a bit...Maybe thats why my head is up my arse!

Just read my dads blog and he had this on it:The Cult - She Sells Sanctuary
Closet goth!lol!

Hope you are all well.
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