Sunday, October 29, 2006
Today is another day...
After spending 4 days on my own doing nothing constructive at all I am preparing for the 5th day. Yet again to do nothing! Here is my routine:

Wake up.
Turn on TV in my bedroom and watch for 30 minutes.
Turn on Xbox and listen to Frank Zappa.
Go for a shower.
Get dressed.
Come into the front room and boil the kettle for coffee.
Turn on PC.
Drink coffee.
Turn on music(has been Pink Floyd:Dark side of the moon, for the past 4 days) while reading emails.
Finish emails and reply to when needed.
Check all blogs for comments.
By this time I need to change music(Pink Floyd:Wish you were here)
Think about compiling a list of music for my own funeral(Dave the emo!hehe)
Think about putting list of music on my blog....I then think its a bad idea because it will upset some people!
Get another cup of coffee.
Do update on blog.
Eat breakfast at about lunch time.
Wash dishes and throw out rubbish!
When the PC hits Shine on you crazy diamond I wake up.
And the list goes on into the day...

I miss Jen and cant wait till her next visit!

When I feel like this I look at other peoples blogs, I was so glad to pop into and I got the nice swift kick in the cahoonies when I saw this:
Dont ever take life too seriouse. Thankyou mdmhvonpa and Charley! Mahnamna!

She is coming back and I have nothing to worry about so roll on the great music:Bodysurfing (cover) By: KTown Heroes ft. Jake Shimabukuro

Hope you are all well

Ok charles I will put a link in for your podcast and leave you some feedback!
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