Saturday, November 04, 2006
Laundry day...
I am starting to get tired of surfing the net for answers about this disease when you see news reports about political issues such as the stem cell issue and Michel J Fox being dragged through the dirt then there is no positive report to follow up.

Yes MJF has a different disease but the research with stem cells would be beneficial to all. I touched upon a subject yesterday that points out a protein pathway that could hold away to re-insert the myelin into the already part stripped nervouse system and 'maybe' slow the disabling effect if not correct what damage that has been done. Guess what....We learnt that through science. Looking into the stem cell field will tell us more about how we are made. Its one more step. It makes me think of what life was like before we knew what the skeleton looked like without all skin and muscle tissue on it. The political side of this argument needs to finish and the work start now.

Now I could argue the case for and against but its not going to bring about any 'fix' when people are scared of the science's. There has been a life time of different movies and fiction designed to scare people with the mad scientist in his lab,the electrical bolts flashing in the back ground,the church organ giving a D flat to add effect.(he says sporting the Vampire website on the right!) I am not surprized really! The waiting for society to wake up a smell the coffee is playing with my nerves. I am not saying stem cell research is the answer.....I just want someone to start giving me answers and start looking.

I needed to vent some anger and clean my head. Laundry done.
Hope you are all well
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