Friday, November 03, 2006
24 series 5 is coming!!!! And today's sh*t sandwich!
Mixed day already today...

received an email from confirming the order for 24 season 5....Its about time! They have taken the payment and are passing it to the dispatch department. Errr...YEA!

Got a phone call from my mum saying that my dad has had a tough week and after his journey down south yesterday he is not very well and is in a lot of pain from whatever illness he picked up(might have a lot to do with helping my sister move out of the barracks too!). Its a shame but I understand and I am sure another week isn't going to be a problem for me. Just get well soon dad, I am thinking of you.

I got out to the shop this morning and bought extra food to cover the week. I even got into a book shop this morning. I saw three of the books on my list and didn't buy one of them. The bad bit is that they had a sale on and I bought two others which my wallet won't forgive me for. Its great to expand my book collection but I have been told every year,by my mum, not to buy stuff just before Christmas and to tell people about it so they have more options to buy for me. The two books I bought were:

1) Forever Odd by Dean Koontz
2) Equinox by Michael White

I still haven't finished the tale from my rather disterbed neighbor but I guess I have more time on my hands now and should be finished soon. She came around last night(with vodka and coke) and yet again I calmed her down before packing her away. We watched the Commitments before she left and she seemed to relax abit.(she is Irish and it reminded her of home!)

Jen canceled Monday night with me and will be taking me out on Tuesday to see Saw 3 at the cinema and I can't wait for that.

And finale...I have just read a report on the generals blog(Soon to be demoted to sargent if he is not nice!) and I am highly amused by his report. He did say I have a lot to say.....And I guess he is right but I see his report as a good thing and I am inspied to write more. That compleates todays sandwich!
Then some good one to end on! News report is not even on a google search yet to be linked to ms cure but you heard it here first!
Exciting news about PAR3 Protein, In basic english before you click this link. PAR3 pathway could help re-build myelin on damaged nerves and there is study into how to get it to work in patents with ms. There is current studies in the state of California that could point toward some good news. Very promising. Click here to read about PAR 3 Protein.

Thats what they are looking into. If you do a search for PAR3 and go by anything thats golf related you can find alot of information about how its needed in pregnacy for the devolopment of new born babies. I am so excited about this! Come on CA Docs!
Hope you are all well
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  • At 1:55 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    And this is how I find out if ppl are paying attention. :)

  • At 4:38 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I never heard of this before, thanks for posting it. Enjoy your books, I'd rather read a good book that almost anything else sometimes

  • At 12:33 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    General: We are always listening to you buddy. You are the General after all!
    Michelle:Thanks for coming back and sometimes fiction becomes a more pleasing reality when reality is infected by this disease. Scarey eh!


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