Wednesday, November 01, 2006
Halloween over for another year!
Well I got caught by 4 kids for the trick or treat gimmick. They were dressed up in masks and I didn't mind handing over the plastic sealed chocolate. The parents were standing at the bottom of my path and it gave me a sickening "AWWWW!" feeling in the pit of my stomach....So glad the go home to reek havoc and don't live me. I might have grown up over the last two years, but that doesn't mean I want kids yet.

I have to deal with another kid at the moment anyway. The limpet from next door came around last night.(that's the Kid BTW) And you will never guess what...She had a drink in her hand. I have to say yet again that my outlook on life is always to look at the bright side....She left the glass! She has inflamed my eagerness to read again. Whether its a case of handing the book back as soon as possible or not is debatable. I have found my love for books again. Last night I stayed awake till 5 in the AM just to find out what happens in the next chapter. The last book she gave me to read is gripping and very well writen. Peter James is a fantastic author and I will be looking for more of his work in the future. Which leads me to the next situation.

I have been asking family members what they would like recieve from me this year and there replies have been like this:

"I am not sure, just get something for the family that we can all use,what do you want/need"
"I have no idea, what do you want?"

And because I haven't thought about what I want(World peace and a cure for all disease is always my first reply which I am trying not to say anymore I promise) the convestation becomes stagnated with no result on either side. Well I have an idea now. If I put a list of books up here then people will be able choose and they will have something to get me. If anything they will be able to start telling me what they want.(This is the downside to trying to get things organised for a man at this time of year and the reason to why we leave it till the last minute!)

So Here is my book list:
1 Green river rising By Tim Wilcocks
2 Fear Nothing by Dean Koontz
3 Sole survivor By Dean Koontz
4 The green mile by Stephen King
5 Dead letter drop By Peter James
6 Dearly Devoted Dexter by Jeff Lindsey

So thats a list of what I would like, some of these are replacing what I have lost during the many house moves that have gone on. Please dont deffer for the list as I may have the second one in the series(or the one before). 6 book for 6 people in my nuclear family. Now WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT!!!! sorry but maybe now you can tell me what you want. My warning will be this I have now seen 4 adverts on TV for Chrismas or Christmas related presents and I would reeeaaallly like to start before the rush of people go to the shops to get in the way of me and Claire the wheelchair. I hope this helps.

Oh and happy aniversary to my ms....You bastard and I hate you loads and want you out and take your disablement with you....Bitch!

Banyan: El Sexxo

banyan is stephen perkins of jane's addiction and panic channel with mike watt of the minutemen, firehose currently on tour with the stooges and on guitar nels cline of wilco. willie waldman on trumpet and norton wisdom performing visual art. Very impressed with the punk/Jazz band! I think they rock! Mucho grathiath.
I really do hope you are all well
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