Thursday, August 30, 2007
A day to myself.
Today, so far has been great. I received some of the greatest comedy in my collection yesterday. Its the beginning of the Woody Allen series which holds:
Annie Hall
Everything you always wanted to know about sex(but were afraid to ask)
Love & Death

So my day is going to be full....And horizontal. Anyway....

Stay well,
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Wednesday, August 29, 2007
I have a new Claire
New wheelchair has been delivered and she is so pretty.Hehe. I can't wait to use her but I am still awaiting delivery of a virus killer for my PC. As soon as I get some functionality I will be back. My typing seems to be a bit better but I am using my left hand more.
Its been a year since I did the paracute jump....A year! Hmmmm.


Stay well,
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Friday, August 24, 2007
Confined to quarters.
Had an accident today which broke Clair(the wheelchair!). I have stairs to the entrance to my house. Three stone stairs, concrete to be honest. I was intimately introduced via gravity and Elvis. My knee's gave way after a trip to the shops. I don't think the heat helped today. Anyway...I got to the top of the three steps pushing Clair and my shopping and I got to the doorway. Balance ran away from me and I pulled Clair and all sundry on top of me. The following back flip should have been recorded for a Bruce Lee movie. With style and elegance I bounced like a beach ball filled with sand a pulled Clair to the ground with the hope that Clair could fly. Instead I pile dived Clair and broke the vertical bar to her seat. Shopping went flying and bounced down the drive way. Following my beer and food, I bounced shouting expletives as every limb bruised and scraped the four foot to the pavement. I am OK. Clair needs extensive surgery and will be away for a week.

It does mean I have to stay here and not leave the house till she returns(the dirty stop out bitch!). So I, like the title suggests, am confined to quarters. Shit!

Stay well,
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Thursday, August 23, 2007
Muddling theories.
I have always been someone to be thinking of the bigger picture. Maybe its too much Star trek at an early age or delusions of grandeur but I have an idea. I think I know why we have ms. I can spend the rest of my life proving it, for it would take the rest of my life to prove it or I can have a life and enjoy it. Strange eh! Would knowing for certain make my life complete or any better? Who am I to reason why?

I have been here before. I started my research blog under the same premise. I came across an area that may give hope to some but I don't wish to diminish hope in others or discredit(as if I could) other peoples research. I don't think that is right to attack other peoples hope for cure. This is the reason for my research blog coming to a 'stale mate'. I have been continuing my own research but..... I think we all need to find our own answers, our own way. I have no right to find it for you.

I will put forward my theories if requested but I believe you may have to find you own also. The mental trials of ms eh! Annoying isn't it. I have some life to live.

Stay well,
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Wednesday, August 22, 2007
Ma' lady is here.
Jen has moved in. I find less shoe's than I thought would be coming with her. Needless to say I think there will be more in her future. I am the happiest I have ever been in my life. To wake up with her every day is like winning the lottery for breakfast...Every morning! I feel really lucky. It does mean that my blog goes on the back burner as life gets busier. I hope to get here as frequently as possible and update you all but I can't promise you much untill we get settled. I have a visit to the hospital next month with my nero. Jen will be coming also.


The past week has been really busy. I have travelled to St Annes on my own and I am still in recovery. The added Jen move has kept me very happy and very busy. I do have 1 thing to do while I am here. Have a listen to this:

Seen a live show over the weekend which rocked my socks off!

Stay well,
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Thursday, August 16, 2007
30 years since the kings death today!

RIP the burger eating man.

Stay well,
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Wednesday, August 15, 2007
Sorry its been a while but I have been busy!
A few things have happened, good things, I attended a leaving party for Jen's parents. I met 60 members of Jen's family at the same time. I had a great time. I also got the opportunity to ask Jens father for Jen's hand in marriage.....Over the microphone.....Git! To be honest I was so drunk he could have asked me to sing and would have. It was a great night. Happy daze for sure. Hehe. Jen got so drunk she already had a day planed for the wedding and told everyone....Including me to my surprise!

Jen moves in on Tuesday and I can't wait.

Oh she cut my hair..... Before:

And after:

Better I know but...I am a rocker dude! Good job I love her.

There are many things I have to report but I will let you recover from the scary pictures for today.

Stay well,
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Thursday, August 09, 2007
1 week till Jen moves in. Her first mision is to cut my hair!!!!
I have been waiting 2 days to type this.(Maria giving me no free time at all!) I have been busy and recovering from Jen's last visit. I am massively in love with her and I try my hardest to be entertaining(its hard work for someone so dumb so forgive me!)and loving. Physical work as well as mental so stop it! I have never been in love like this before. She is amazing, intelligent, sweet, gorgeous and the love of my life. I am so happy with her. Every joke that I have is now funny again because she laughs. Every film I watch with her is better because she is with me. I know it sounds sick, I have been there and seen it before on other couples and I have wretched, but being on this side of things.....Its the best feeling in the world. Jen moves in, in a week and I can't wait.

Every day I spend apart from her is painful and every day she is with me just gets better and better.

OK the reason why I have been away for a couple of days is because of Maria my next door neighbor Yeah she is back! Not drinking. I think she is lonely and just needs someone to talk to. I know she will stay away when Jen leaves here. I am not one to wish away time but I can't wait for Jen to move in. The added benefit of no stress will be fantastic.

Anyway M will be back to watch more DVDs from Family Guy collection in 5 mins so I better finish up for know.

Stay well,
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Monday, August 06, 2007
Restful period....
It seems like I have nothing to report. My pain is monitored. Its getting warmer and the rain seems to have stopped for now. Sun is out and shining like it has a purpose. Too warm for my liking but dry so can't complain.

My cool neighbor from my old flat came down a couple of weeks ago and requested to borrow a pain killer as he had a monster head ache. I gave him a warning before giving him a Co-Dydramol and advised him to seek medical advice from his GP if the sinus pain persisted. I attempted to scare him by saying "Don't drink with these" the are 500mg after all. I also told him that the "Co" is for cocaine so dont do more than two at any time. I built it up so he would not ask again. I built it up further by saying "split one tablet in two and take one half just in case." I am not a doctor after all. He reported back the following day saying his migraine was clear in 30 mins and no medication he had ever taken before had done that from his GP. If he ever knew the truth about what I gave him he would not be very happy about it. The placebo effect of caffeine tables eh! Sort of back fired on me when told other neighbors I had a drug addiction which caused ms in the first place!

What you get for helping people eh! Dave the druggie! tut.
Jimi Hendrix RARE 67-03-07 Belgium - Hey Joe Tienerklanken

Stay well,
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Saturday, August 04, 2007
Link for RTL1000 have a look.
Here it is!!!!!

Hmmmm good for mice so far! Joy!(Sarcasm doesn't come over does it?) Only a 10 year wait eh!

Msn has given me a 2 gig storage space for my emails.....Just after I had cleared the inbox too. Admin has never been my strong point, its taken over a year to sort out what I had. Maybe this is a starting point for sorting out my time and getting my "Admin" right. Or maybe this is a starting point for getting swamped.Hee.

Jen is here tonight so I am off for a rest. Save my spoons.

Stay well,
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Friday, August 03, 2007
Pain Vs pain
Woke up this morning with the after effects of muscle pulling in my back. It feels like a recovering sprain this morning. I feel comfortable but numb(sorry!)

Pink Floyd The Wall - Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb

I had to get it in some how! After the last Pink Floyd I felt I had to another. Dam my eclectic soul. I still haven't fixed my guitar yet. Not had the time too. I think its going to be after the move. So many things to do which I am putting off.

Had a strange feeling over the last few days. Two days ago I burnt myself with a hot(sort of had to be eh!) tray I took out of the oven. It has left two burns on my left arm. The reason I bring it up is... It hurts less than my back does. Weird eh. I haven't been able to describe ms pain before. It hurts more than a burn? Is that right? How many levels of pain is there and where does my ms pain fall on that scale?

OK I am scaring myself. Maybe getting a tattoo will be easy and virtually pain free in comparison..

Pain verses pain eh!
Stay well,
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Thursday, August 02, 2007
Ok time to spill the details
We are engaged!yey! We have chosen to have a long engagement. About two years...About. We have alot to do over the next few months so wedding plans will be on hold until we get re-nested further north. Very very happy! Happy daze!

I just want to keep her happy every day. The happier Jen is, the happier I am. My thoughts turn to my health and my well being when she isn't here. Especially when I wake up with a back pain. It feels internal. Not my backbone more like my kidneys or liver. No I haven't been drinking, it's not hangover. It hurts. It feels like I have strained a muscle. It could be the fact that we are eating healthier and my body can't deal with it. Its used to pizza and junk food so maybe thats it!

Today is going be a day of lying down and watching TV. No outings planned today. That being the case.

Stay well,
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