Friday, March 30, 2007
Walter Mitty day!
Today has been strange so far. I woke with a tune blaring out in my internal stereo(Trace Bundy's Dueling Ninjas) . I love waking up from a dream with a tune to start the day. It makes the day move with a slight jazz wiggle. I went out to buy some things I missed from yesterday and I went to the doc's too. On the bus I saw an old lady I used to speak to when I had short hair...She blanked me! I got a strange sort of grimace instead. Just what you need when your going to meet your girlfriends parents for the first time this weekend. Well it is Manchester, the weather is not to good today and she always looked like she has had a hard life. The woman on the bus not Jen!!!lol! She used to ask me "Hows your ms going?" and showed interest in my health. It made me think of how this coming weekend, what will the group would think of me. Jen's friends and family. I hope it goes well. She is coming round tonight!yey!

The journey around the mall was interesting. I have found that I can get some speed up on Clair now. I got faster than the morning shuffle of oldies on their powered machines. I nearly waved at the slower occupants of the plastic covered motor cars as I passed them! I didn't. I thought it would be rude and you never know whats going to happen in the future. I remember a time when an older gent passed me with a walking stick and how upset I was with the following relapse. Well I am in a good place now and I don't want to bring one on because of being proud of myself too much!

The magic of possitive thought goes both ways eh! PMA PMA all the way. I am not having a relapse its just that I don't want to kick start one!
Steven Wright - Stand Up

So there is some clean comedy for yea!

Music for you today:
Feeder - Crash

Have a good day

P.S And no I was not hit by a bus!
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Thursday, March 29, 2007
Mental mash up!
I have always heard "If you have nothing possitive to add then don't!". I have also heard "No news is good news!". So I am a bit stuck.

I went out today to buy somethings. I came back. I have written 3 blog posts then deleated them as they were depressing and crap. I made coffee. I drank coffee.

Today's input of a boring day!

Stay well
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Tuesday, March 27, 2007
A day of rest.
After a drunken visit from Jen, today has been...Well quiet. We got drunk and she didn't attend drunk before someone thinks different. The gas men came and tinkered with the boiler. They say its fixed but I will keep my fingers crossed with an aura of disbelief. Today has been...Recovering.

I am going to meet Jens family and friends this weekend. I have made a promise to myself not to get drunk...Well if there is alcohol, I won't drink....Too much!

Stay well
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Monday, March 26, 2007
I love the way music can shock you!
Tommy Emmanuel - Classical Gas

That is amazing!

I don't think my guitar is tuned correctly!lol! I have ordered a tuning....Thing! You plug the guitar into it and then into your amp...It's all tecky and! I will never get as good as Tommy but it's the taking part that counts eh. My fingers are coming back so I am going to jump in as soon as I get it tuned. Holding a pick/plectrum is still rather tricky. There must be something else I can do.I will investigate and get back to you!

Today's funny!
Catherine Tate - Lauren: "Are you calling my mum poor?!"

Are you calling me a Pikey? If you really want something to laugh at try the Ouch podcast 13! Really great episode
Stay well
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Saturday, March 24, 2007
Without direction!
Join the MS Movement

This is the advert for the symbol in the corner of everyone of my blogs...US based and I cannot join as I live in the UK...Go figure eh! So if you live in the US...Give it a shot please. Its a good cause and you can get a company to give money to the ms society(US) just by changing your MSN messenger...Please do it for me if your in the US! Thanks!
Oh I have added Natelie too. Welcome to the list.
Now for my diary bit:

Memory is a great factor when trying to work out what you want to do with your life. I can't even figure out what I want to drink this weekend never mind life goals! My guitar is wrapped up nicely in its case and I haven't picked it up for two days. Its my hands. I have a tremor down both arms. Yes it makes typing a bitch! Thank god for spell checker eh! I am finding it hard to concentrate on everyday tasks. Doing things like bathing and shaving needs massive focus.(maybe why I have not shaved today! Its not a pretty sight, trust me!). Just as I get one thing done I have forgotten what I was doing it for. I know I wanted to say many things on this update... But yeah I have forgotten! The thing is I can hardly control my mouse for my PC and its winding me up! I get irritated just trying to use my computer but the pointer of my mouse is dancing across the screen whenever I try to use it! I think that the title of todays blog update.. My fingers have no direction either.
I have chosen vids for today tho:
Ross Noble, Stand Up

A lad from my birth town! A geordie through a through! And music today:
Acoustic Guitar - Trace Bundy's Dueling Ninjas - WHOLE SONG

One of the greaest guitar players I have ever heard. On a par with Steve Tibbetts in my view!
I promise to bring back the rock soon. I wanted to put up Deftones: My curse. But I thought keeping it light might give more cheer!

Stay well, thats an order!
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Friday, March 23, 2007
Its hot again....Yippee! Hurumph!
Woody Allen - Annie Hall Opening

Now that's comedy...Well my type of comedy anyway. I love Woody Allen. I think I am at the right age to enjoy him anyway! You know the slightly balding age. The time just before adult diaper's. OK I will stop now. I could never master the witty anecdote's in the same way.

Yeah the heating is fixed. Just before summer too! Hee! I have to move out of this hell hole. At least I can wash my clothes and bathe before the weekend. Jen is coming on Saturday night and we plan to get drunk. Today I have to go to the shops and pick up a few things. Not much pain today and I feel awake too! Maybe this comedy is working for me. Here is one of my favorite comics:
Bill Bailey :Hats off to the Zebras

Actually...I want to learn how to play that!hehe!

Hope you're all well
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Thursday, March 22, 2007
Ray Lamontagne - Trouble

One hell of beard on that guy! I would love to be able to play that. The title of todays blog is for my boiler again! The guy came out again and said its something to do with the presure valve....Yeah I know! He has placed a temp fix and another guy will have to come out to fix it later. So expect to hear about it again pretty soon!
I don't have much to report today apart from the fact I am finding it hard to find comics who don't swear. Lets see how long I can last before one turns up eh!

Anyway enjoy this oldie
Jasper Carrot : The insurance claim form

Stay well
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Wednesday, March 21, 2007
Summer is on the way!
The Zutons - Valerie

I love the Zutons. Something new to me but I look forward to finding more. I saw them on a TV show over here and they kicked ass. Well most music at 2 in the morning sounds good but they can play! The sax player is sexy as hell!hehe! Well...There is a couple of things that have happened today which are diary worthy.

1st: A lady came up to me today and said
"Your that guy aren't you?" so I said
"Err yeah...What guy?"
"That guy who went to get acupuncture for his ms"
As I have been for acupuncture before I confirmed but also followed up that I didn't remember her.
"Oh I am sorry" and she did start to walk away but I did say.
"I do have ms though"
She then went on a rant about the benefit of smoking cannabis for ms and I knew I had to stop her in her tracks and say it doesn't work. The strange thing is that this is the second time someone has stopped me in the street and said "your that guy" and I am starting to think that there is a doppelganger posing as me in Manchester. I guess I just have to be cooler then this person so we are easily identified. From what I know...I am getting more tail than him anyway as both times I have been stopped they assume I am single! Maybe thats my hair though!hehe!

2nd I want cover more with my blog in future. I am going to do more than music. I think we should laugh more. I am going to include comedy from some of my favorite comics. Here is an oldie but goodie here from Victoria Wood: Lets Do it!

Good clean fun! Laughter is the best medicine! Tomorrow I have a great tune which I want to learn how to play...No sneak preview either. I love it and I hope you will come by and listen to it.
Hope you'er all well
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Monday, March 19, 2007
Strange days!
Got a phones call from an old work buddy...If your a long time reader of my blog you will remember a mention of Michelle. Well she rang today to tell me how much my redundancy payment will be....It was great to speak to her again....I was happy to hear how much too. Well lets put it this way, my debt will receive a large portion paid off. I am never taking a credit card ever again!!!!! Never again!

I am happy with the pay off. I can now look for work....Hahahahahahahahah! OK I can now think about what I want to do with my life from now on. Education is screaming at me but....Can I be a student again? If so....In what? How long should I sit down and do... Well nothing while I decide? I know I have to learn guitar in the mean time.

I see this as a new start for me. I can do...Well...Anything I want to do! This is so strange to me. Almost alien. I need some time on this I think. And maybe a good hard drink!lol! A new start with a disabled body this time! Hmm I know what will brighten my mood before Jen gets here. Have some of this:

You cannot go wrong with Duke Ellington!
I guess I have some thinking to do without the blues!lol!
Hope you're all well.
Dave the unemployed
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Sunday, March 18, 2007
Happy mothersday.
Got up this morning at 09:00AM. Text Jen. Text mam. Told both that I love them. Turned on TV while still in bed. Lay there till noon! Got showered then dressed. Went in the front room. Turned on TV and DVD. I placed Dresden Dolls in player and turned up the volume. The DVD is going to run this all day. DD Live in concert!yey! War Pigs still rocks and I always hold my own private mosh with the thought of seeing them live with Jen. That was a great gig.

You know...If life has just this...I will be happy for ever.

No music for you today. I am sticking to the Dresden dolls for a bit..Happy mothers day mum!

Stay well
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Saturday, March 17, 2007
St.Paddy's day
Weaseltrap:Tap Dance

I want to be able to do that! Amazing. Tell me what you think?

Stay well
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Friday, March 16, 2007
Sorry but video's rock too!
The Maccabees:Latchmere

Love this video! Watching WW season 5 right now, it rocks still. I havent touched the guitar yet...It scares me! I will get on with it soon but not yet.

Its very quiet in this house. To be honest, I am loving it. I miss Jen. She will be back on Monday.

Stay well.
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Thursday, March 15, 2007
My guitar is here!
She is pretty.
She looks cool.
She is going to be a pain in my life.
I will hate her!
I will give it my best.
I can see blood, sweat and tears in my future.
I think I am in love.

If I can get that good I will be happy! The bass face on that bloke is great.

Oh and I promised new music...Have some of this: The Klaxons - Gravity's Rainbow

Hope you're all well
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Wednesday, March 14, 2007
Guess we need some new shoe's
Paolo Nutini - New Shoes (US Version)

The UK version is better!hehe!

I like music! Where ever it comes from. If it has...That feeling and it gets my foot tapping(no tremors OK!) I will listen. So lets see what I can pull up. No guitar yet. I can't wait to spend hours learning how to play it. I don't know what my finale goal is with owning one but its going to be fun trying to learn.

I know that my diary side of this blog is...Well, waining a bit but I have been busy. I have a new DVD player and three seasons of West Wing to catch up on. I now have 6 websites to update and I have to keep my life in Manchester for as long as I can. I do get pressure from my family to move closer to them.(yeah for my own good!) I see this as another ms defeat and not a loss of my individuality. This disease has already taken my legs and it has a fight on its hands now! Got to get my PMA back. Maybe learning guitar will help with that eh!

Oh and my PC screen has a lovley green tinge to the color and I think I need a new one. Anyone had a screen for years that can take a very hard use? Please feel free to tell me a make and model.

Hope you're all ok
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Tuesday, March 13, 2007
Time to get on!
***********Driftwood By Travis*********

Time for some autoplay music for those of us with vision issues. An oldie but goodie for me. I think I will be playing more rock in my warm up to getting a guitar, so prepair yourself!

Disturbed sleep last night. My hot water bottle was not there for a cuddle(thats Jen by the way).

No major things to report this morning. I have to go to the shop...If anything happens I will update later today. Enjoy the tune.

Hope you're all well.

***Got back from the shops*****
I have decided to go on a new music trek! Watch this space over the next few weeks. I have 15 new tracks I would like to play so thats about 2 weeks worth. Some new to me, some brand new. I hope you tune in if only for a listen.

Take care
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Monday, March 12, 2007
15k visitors eh!
A week of Jen and a weekend at my parents too! What a great time. I will break it down for you as a few changes to my life have all hit at the same time so here we go...The bad bits first:

1) I have lost my job in Manchester...Well made redundant anyway! 630 people who work in the same place also lost their job too! Another call centre moves to India. There is a small part of me that will miss the people but if I am honest...I was never going to get back there unless a clear cure for my disablement was found. But I am job free! I don't really know how to feel about this but I am sure it wasn't my fault. The good news here is I have all my benefits worked out and I will be fine and my bank won't notice any difference. I hope everyone there will be OK!

2ND) My cable company have removed a Chanel from my viewing package(same for everyone who has NTL Cable). This channel(SKY 1) had 24 and I will be missing the rest of the series until it is available on DVD! I am gutted! Dam Virgin and there buy-out deal.

But then there is the good news:

1) Jen spent the week. Fantastically happy. We had a great time together. I have never laughed so hard. For the finish of the week we went to St Annes for a curry night on Saturday with all my family. We made it there using british rail, I feel I could do it on my own if I needed to. They were so helpful getting me and Clair onto the train(all you have to do is phone them the day before travel). Jen thought the service was fantastic. Jen fitted in with my family we had a great time. They loved you babe.yey!
2) Achieved a new year goal...I have bought a guitar!!! Les Paul copy black with amp and case. I should have it by the end of the week...I won't be able to play it but I have always wanted one. Give me a few years and I might be able to show you! But its on the way. Its going to be a life mission to learn....Next a tatto and it not even half way through the year yet!

There is other things...But my fingers are tired for now. I will update tomorrow.

Hope you're all ok
P.S I will get in touch soon Jaime I have missed you babe. We have some work to talk about.x
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Thursday, March 08, 2007
The wicca man is about a man made of Dave

Stay well.
Dave 'n' Jen
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Monday, March 05, 2007
Dave, your'e in a relationship now, you don't make decisions anymore.
Camille Jones Vs Fedde Le Grand : The Creeps

Hope you're all well
Dave 'n' Jen
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Saturday, March 03, 2007
Just going to give you tunes for the week!
***************Mardy Bum By Arctic Monkeys**********

Stay well.
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Friday, March 02, 2007
Get my funk on.
***********Bring Back the Funk, Pts. 1 By Paul Weller***********

The sax near the end gets my funk on!(yeah I dance like my dad!hehe!) I am sorry it been a while since I have been back....Ok I broke my DVD player.(Sharon is a cheap bitch and I hate her!). I have my new DVD player coming this afternoon! I amazed myself how angry I got at a piece of machinery. Maybe naming my equipment does't work. It works with Hilly my beautiful PC(something to do with her ups and downs somedays.) and Clair the wheelchair but nothing else. I mean it! I can't help it. If I spend alot of time with something it becomes personal...You know?

Speaking of spending time with people...JEN IS COMING FOR A WEEK!!!! And the bit she is worried about is meeting my family next weekend...OK there she has something to be worried about there but! I am meeting her family and friends later in the month and I can understand. I am 31 and should be able to meet people by now. Is that just a "meet the parents" thing? Does it get any easier the older you get? I would say no.

Anyway(Brushes the situation under the carpet in the hope it won't be dealt with till later type way!) I am sorry I haven't been around for a while but you know how life goes! I have missed you guys and I hope your all well. I figure its good to show that life still happens even when you have ms. Next week is going to be quiet here with Jen coming for the week. Please go from the great words "No news is good news" and don't worry to much.

Take care
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