Wednesday, December 27, 2006
I just can stop!
Just to give you an overview for next year:

More music, more new music and live events, some ms news, more beer and the after effects(the whole ms and why can't we have a normal life?), More of me(maybe) and just a working record of my life day to day running. For now take a look at this live event from the Dresden Dolls: Sex Changes

Hope your having a good holiday I am!
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Friday, December 22, 2006
I had to put the only Christmas song I like...

Its because of John!(he might not be rock but he to is fallen.) I had a great night with Jen and I leave you with a pic of me....The last one of 2006. This is me the rock god!hehe.

Still ugly eh! And bad hair but I am happy and thats what counts. You should look at the feet!!

Present to myself.Hehe

Have a great Christmas and look after each other.
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Thursday, December 21, 2006
4 calling birds....
I am only hoping for 1 really. Jen is coming today and I can't wait. I have bought candles,I have food and drink in and I do not want any interruptions at all. The candles are the old big church candles. About the same width as your arm and are 9 inches long. Very goth I know but its not like I have filled the room with them or anything! Just the three. Candle lit dinner,drink and a movie. Just need to add a perfect lady(That's you Jen!) and my Christmas is complete.

Got a card from Jack today and added it to my colection of two others.(1 from Maria and one from my brothers family, so I guess from Pocket punk!lol)

Anyway back to the ms news:

Vitamin D report. You know I covered this 2 months ago but here is the US report.

And I think thats it for now...Oh yeah have a merry christmas and I hope the new year brings many new good times ahead. Please do take some time to remeber the fallen rock stars like the lead singer from Blind Melon:
Blind Melon & Jena Kraus

Stay well and thats an order!
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Wednesday, December 20, 2006
Prevention is better than cure???(click here for info!)

I think this is a possitive move. Dont you? It would have been nicer to know before I was diagnosed so I could have changed my diet or something! Well....If I am going to ask for a wish....It wouldn't be that I had a better diet! Whats past is past. Lets just hope that this infomation will help cut down on the amount of people who get ms.(two million world wide....lets stop it getting any bigger!)

So 5 days till Christmas(I do realise no one will be reading this till after christmas now but hey ho!). We enter the period of time where your thinking that you have to plan better for next year...Or is that just me? I do try to plan in advance but its not a bad trait. All presents bought...Just need to wrap them now. Got Jen coming on Thursday and its the last time I will see her this year.....Oh my jesus hairy christ! What am I going to be like when she moves away? Well lets see eh!

Hope your all well
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Tuesday, December 19, 2006
Intermitant internet.
My ISP is messed up. I am trying to get a faulty port sorted out. My tempary fix includes seletape and bluetak holding the cable(at a bizare angle) so it compleates the cable connection. So without wasting time. I miss Jen and:
Nizlopi Video Podcast Trailer - New song!

This is a preview of what you'll get to see in January 2007

Just one from the boys.

Hope your all well
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Monday, December 18, 2006
Quiet day today...
Not doing much today. Just been...Chilling for want of a better word. Went to shop. Bought some milk and came home. Been listening to Keith and the girl podcast and been laughing my ass off. They are a bit risque but I love them. I think there loose lips when it comes to the 'F' word and should hold a 18 certificate but its entertainment at its best. To get away from ms related paperwork is refreshing(As if dvd's and music isn't enough!) so maybe looking after my health is going to be my next step.
*****108 Battles (Of The Mind) By Kula Shaker******
Cool tune by a much loved band. They got back together after a 6 year break...Wow I wounder why!?! Enjoy anyway!

Hope you are all well
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Sunday, December 17, 2006
She quit...
Maria is going to be the death of me. She did two days and on day 3 she fell ill. It got to friday and she rang in and quit. Maybe it was the hero factor for her. I have wanted to go back to work on so many times a fallen flat on my face because my body says no! Maria wants to go back to work in the new year but to another place as the stress of jumping in at the deep end is not working for her. I really hope she is not falling for me. She gave me a Christmas card that says this:

Dave,(my new best friend)
Thanks for everything!
Maria x

So what do you think? Its got glitter on it! She will be round on Tuesday afternoon so she can type up her CV(Curriculum Vitae or resume for my US readers as Jaime didn't know when I said it to her in the past) so I have to find away where she can ween herself off me. I will be able to help her, its just that I don't do things when she is in the way. I haven't touched the research blog for 1 thing! I am a busy man...Just having a second to read a book would be nice. She isn't here all the time or anything. She just has a knack of stopping me doing things even when she isn't here. I do not start things just in case she comes round and interupts me. DVD's are fine as I can pause them... Its just winding me up having something else that I can't control.

Well look at the results so far...No music for two days!
Hope your all well
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Saturday, December 16, 2006
Does wearing slippers rock?
Its not like I have anything to do today. The only way to keep my feet warm is to wear slippers or two pairs of socks. Maybe I should start my excersises sooner rather than wait for new year to come before starting the resolution.

The thing is...Amazon has got a sale on...I really enjoyed my injection of Tim Burtons movies yesterday and...Well...I had some spare cash...So...I went and bought some more movies and they arrived today! But it was a sale. Dont judge me....Please.Hehe

Well here is what arrived(I know there is only one more Tim Buton but...)

The nightmare before christmas
Twelve Monkeys
American beauty

There is still more to come...its part of the sale! Its where I buy all my music too.(I haven't bought any music...this time but there is always the January sales!).

I have some watching to do
Hope your all well
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Friday, December 15, 2006
Me and my foot fetishism
Weird day today. Went to the store today just to pick up some things before I went to the doctors. Not a strange thing by any means unless you add a drunk drug dealer at 09:45AM trying to sell me a consortium of various illegal substances. He is "my best mate" and two steps away from "I love you mucka!" with his half bottle of extra strength cider and strange smell. I think his name is Steven but I maybe wrong there as it must be quite hard for him to say anything that starts with the letter "S" without slurring his words. I don't invite this attention from anyone...Do I? I think I must have a face that invites it or something as I defiantly don't ask for it. Well if life gets that bad that I need anything like weed again....I know where to go. From the smell of the stuff Sssssteve shoved under my nose he has good contacts with the wrong sort of people.

Anyway....The doctors. The doctor took one look at my foot(after I went through the waiting area in my wheelchair and knocking over three chairs and a table.) and he told me the good news that I have an ulcer on my ankle...isn't that an old mans thing? In short:
1.ulcer (ulceration)
an open sore of the skin or mucus membrane characterized by sloughing of inflamed dead tissue.

So spending time on my back watching TV. Sitting in Clair the chair and not getting enough blood through my system to wash away the dead cells has caused a sore or ulcer. I AM 30 FOR GODS SAKE!!!!!

Breathe Dave....Just the beginning of a another step(oxymoron if I ever heard it!) in the ms cycle. The doctor did the blood pressure this morning and he said nothing to worry about. 124 over 78 for all you medical boffins or people who claim to know it all.(just like me!) It was the drugs that are scaring me...Co-Amoxiclav tablets(30 of them) with paracetomol. I was scared by the writing on the box but when I got them open...They are torpedo's in disguise. I have to take 3 a day for 10 days and thats just to clear it up! The doctor said if I didn't have ms then it would just be a steriod cream but he doesn't want to damage the skin any further or make it harder in future for combining drugs. To be honest the whore of babylon would have trouble deep throating these babies. They are massive honest!(sorry for being crude but they are big!!!)

I got a DVD delivery today. Two movies which I have wanted for a long while. Beetlejuice and Big Fish. Great movies which I love already and I am going to watch again today. My collection has not been compleate without them.
Hope you all are well
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Thursday, December 14, 2006
Busy day today...
I have been looking into something thats not ms related(please forgive me!lol) and have been having a ball. I wanted to know more about the podcasting side of the internet as Kim and Tod have been off the scene for some time now(If your reading I wish you both well). If they can do it I wanted to know a bit more about it. I don't want to do an ms podcast as charles has that, but it should be good to listen to a few instead of watching tv. Day time TV sucks and there has to be some radio out there that stir the soul. Do you know any? I should take a look at? Help me please. I need to get away frpm ms somehow.

Hope you are all well
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Wednesday, December 13, 2006
I am falling in love with Sophe Lux....sorry Jen.

This band brings so many flashes of intelegence that I am thrown into memories of the Dresden Dolls and the trauma of my last gig. It was painful for me but I loved the music then also.I love these guys. The lead singer has so much range its scary. The sound just sends chills through to my bones and the rest of there music just gets me up and alert. I love it and hope you will too.

Hope you are all well
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Tuesday, December 12, 2006
Sorry had to be done
Ministry - Jesus built my hotrod

Any rocker my age will have heard and loved this tune. It still kicks ass! Jens been can you tell?Hehe! Another week till I see her again. The perfect relationship eh!

I told her I am staying in Manchester and she seemed to be happy with that...But she will still be moving with her parents when they sell the house. I don't mind to much. The reason I want to stay in Manchester is for the jobs really. I have a few things to sort out before that happens tho.(Having 5 blogs and thinking about taking on a 6th isn't really getting to it Dave!) Speaking of jobs...Maria starts her new job today. She came round yesterday(yes drunk!) to thank me...Again...And I side stepped a very forceful attack...Well she tried to kiss me and I pulled away with a stern look on my face. I know she got the idea straight away as she left. As a precaution I sent a text message to her this morning wishing her luck that would have woken her up at the right time. She even told me that there is another possition she is applying for later in the month for more money!(she hasn't even started this one yet!)

I haven't got any plans for today. Might watch some DVD's(What dreams may come and The Long way around both fantasic) and nurse my very sore ankle and fill my gullet with pain killers. I do have a hope that my GP will be able to help as this is driving me nutts!

Hope you are all well
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Monday, December 11, 2006
Return from St A...A....Anger!!!!Graaaaaaaargg!!!!

No to be honest....I had a great time with normality. Family,friends and some great times. I couldn't find one angry thing to link to this great tune. Go out and buy it now! I am waiting till the new year and I am buying this. Metallica have rocked for years now and should be thrashing for the rest of my life if they can still knock it out like that. What a tune!!!!!

Anyway....The weekend...Bumped in too two ex girlfriends(that was scary!) and to see people around me with the kids laughing and giggling during B's 10th birthday party, I have to say it ROCKED!!! I can't wait till Christmas. I woke up this morning at 9AM wanted to go back to work....Not to the customer service job either! I am better than that soul destroying job! If I am going to do anything I will have to do it here in Manchester. I am fueled with anger to get a job.(Good slip in Dave!hehe) I want to get earning money again so I can have what my family and friends have. Not just the kids...Ok I couldn't handle kids of my own and I am so happy that they go home afterwards but I need to get back on my feet with a project. I am staying in Manchester to build a life here or give it my dambest.

Can anger bring good things? Lets see eh!
Hope you all are well
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Friday, December 08, 2006
I think I caught up with sleep last night.
I woke up at 11 this morning. I got up with a head ache....Lovely! My shopping has been delivered and I have food,lots of food. I am going away this weekend to my parents but I don't think I will be much like good company even though I am going for a birthday party. I just want to sleep.

Right here is two news clippetts for you to read over while I am away.

1. 2006 a very good year for ms research.Finance review

2. Split on stem cell research now resolved down under.

The heal of my left foot is still burning and I hope the visit to the GP will sort that out. This appointment was made by my GP as he wants to run a blood pressure test. I do think not jabbing myself with Copaxone every morning is making me more relaxed but I am sure he is just checking that my pain relief isn't slowing the pressure. Just a check up anyway.

I miss Jen massively this morning and felt I may have let her down last night. Having three conversations going on at once(MSN Messenger) and not paying enough attention to her. I hope her work 'thing' works out ok.(See men can do two things at once too! Not very well but we can!) I love her as always and cant wait to see her again.

Oh music:
Dennis Chambers solo with Niacin

Niacin...Where have we heard that before eh! Great solo Denis rocks!(Niacin are the coolest Jazz too!) The thing is....You can't have one without the other two!
Niacin - Slapped Silly

Video Arts Records presents the super progressive rock power trio Niacin playing Slapped Silly from their High Bias CD featuring John Novello on keys, Billy Sheehan on bass and Dennis Chambers on drums.
I hope you have a good weekend and hope you all are well.
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Thursday, December 07, 2006
hmmm interesting...
Just an interesting link for people in the UK(click this), Internet access for ms'ers in the north of Ireland. If this works out it could be implemented further afield. So go on join the crack!

oh and another news report today showed a hurrican in London today. About 30 minutes ago. 100's of pounds of damage but no death. Just minor injuries. Don't worry about me I am miles away...and its not even windy here(Just for all of the American readers who think Manchester is just at the bottom of the street from London. It happens honest, its always a size thing with you guys!hehe)!

Oh and regular readers might remeber me saying about my left ankle feeling like I had a blister on my heel....Well Its turned into one! I feel like my foot is on fire...Hence todays tune full of fire!
Hope you enjoy it!(if not....stop it and play this!)

Shannon if your reading this I cant get messages on your blog due to the numerical security.(please change it!) :(
Hope you are all well
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Wednesday, December 06, 2006
Ok ok I know!
Its nice to get a reminder that I am still human every once and a while. Its human to make mistakes and drinking was mine. Before I get comments saying the dreaded "Alchy" word I do have to say I enjoyed myself. The embarrassment, the bad head and everything that goes with it...Well isnt that why we do it in the first place? It is the season to be jolly after all. It was just me trying to show that disabled people can enjoy themselves too! Rock on eh!

Its the season to show apology too and I think I have to say sorry to Maria when I see her next...If I see her again!lol
If Jen hadn't been here the following morning I don't know what I would have done...Probabley drowned in coffee and felt sorry for myself as usual but I had a good time either way.

******Angel Of Harlem by U2******

I think keeping quiet for a couple of days might be a good idea. I am going to use this time to revitalise my photo blog(template done,not happy with color and finding it hard to add pic's so may have to change it back!) and have an early spring clean. I am not drinking again for sometime tho!

Hope you are all well
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Tuesday, December 05, 2006
I am so ill. Vodka is a killer.
Last night was bizarre. Very sick self inflicted monstrosity. Have been woken by the police as Marie didn't know how to move my drunken body to my bed. They woke me and asked a few questions just incase it was drugs. I passed all questions and they told me to sleep it off. I agreed and told everyone to go in a very calm manor. When I got up this morning Jen looked after me as she arrived at mine first thing...She did very well on the not laughing to hard part.

I am going to take a few days off and be pathetic for a while. Mental note...Never try to drink an alcoholic(She isn't) under the table ever again..

Be well night night!
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Monday, December 04, 2006
Good and mixed feelings today.
Secret Garden:By Bruce Springsteen
Maria from next door got a phone call this morning........SHE GOT THE JOB!!!

I am happy about this. She seems more confident and focused, to be honest I would say happy too. Every time I see her it makes me think I should focus my attention closer to home.(I mean that in a metaphorical sense and not physical sense, I know she is only next door) There is people in my own family that could do with a firm kick in the pants but I find it hard to shake there impression of an earlier 'Dave' and its going to be hard. Maybe its not my calling to help them, I don't know. But seeing Maria getting her life back on track makes me want to make my family be happy like that. I have no idea on how to help people who are really close to me and that sucks. There is a lady in my life who is screaming out for help but she can't talk to me...You know who you are......Bitch :)!

Maybe now that Maria has a job(starts next Monday) that I can crack on with my research and photo blog. The thing is...I see that as fun and a bit of a hobby but there is still something that is missing.

I have something in the pipe line with Jaime which I think will be a great venture if I can sort out the technical side of it. But we ARE keeping that hush hush for now arnt we Jamie?!?!?

News report today shows some important points. Not for ms but its something that made me cringe. Mr Blair is announcing that fact that he is going to replace the Trident nuclear protection for this country. I thought the cold war was over? When will the human race learn? The harboring of weapons of mass descruction....Hmm where have we heard that before? We will be fine being the 52nd state...won't we??? I don't see this a good thing at all.

And final link for today is rather distressing, Kids with ms. We need to find out whats going on. This is bull shit and no kid should have this hell at all! click here to see the pic of a very young girl and story attached. We need out...The kids shouldnt have this!

Hope you are all well
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Sunday, December 03, 2006
Oh thank Jeremiah 1:5
One of the greatest and troubling factors for stem cell research has always been the religious argument. We all know(or pretend to know) the bible as this has been a great source for getting 'closer to god' and is the foundation stone for the church.(This is were every reader is on the edge of there seat saying don't do it Dave!!!) Well...

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations" (Jeremiah 1:5).

"Based upon this understanding of God's participation in our creation and destiny, we believe that a fertilized egg and any subsequent development constitutes human life, and is to be regarded as sacred. Therefore, we oppose the harvesting of fertilized eggs for the purpose of stem cell research or experimentation. In a biblical worldview, no matter what it offers in the way of medical advances, it is still a matter of taking a life.

Another form of stem cell research, where a human fetus or embryo is not being jeopardized but cells are extracted from placenta and umbilical cords, does not conflict with the value of human life. It is, therefore, not in conflict with our convictions as Christians.

The Rev. Bob Coy is senior pastor of Calvary Chapel of Fort Lauderdale.

So now can they get on with testing already!!!! Being agnostic shows so much blessed relief and so much annoyance at times.

Anyway....I have spent sometime looking through other peoples blogs and have a pearl with my older brothers blog(local host) for two days worth of Korn...I feel alot more relaxed about moving back to St Annes knowing that I will still be able to get a compere who will be able to give me a dose of Korn. Never take live 'TO' seriouse eh!

If this upsets anyone...Please forgive me.
Sundays eh
Hope you are all well.

You can click anywhere on this post to see were I got this from!
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Saturday, December 02, 2006
Just recovering from watching...
Clerks again for about the 15th time. The dvd came in the post with a harsh reminder that it was originally released 10 years ago...No wait its the 10th anniversay limited edition...When was this released...OH MY GOD I AM OLD! This is a vintage classic...How old are Jay and Silent Bob anyway? I have seen an advert for Clerks 2 and its been out for some time now. I will have to pick it up after Christmas on dvd...Unless they ruined it!

Anyway for those of you who know( Age 18 to play please!)I give you Clerks 2:

I have finished Six Feet Under season 3. I love that show. Its always a reminder of how transient life is.

I am looking forward to the death sences in season 4 and how they are administered. I just love the Tomas Newman tune at the begining. It just stirs the soul, Have a listen 1 more time:

Hope you are all well
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Friday, December 01, 2006
Don't worry this is still Daves ms blog
Honestly!!! Its just no longer blue!

It looks pretty funky doesn't it! THANKYOU JAIME I LOVE YOU BABY!!!

I think I need to change lots of things SO WATCH THIS SPACE.

Ms motivational speaker...I could do what this guy is doing but I will raise a glass to him click here to read about this amazing man!

Hope you are all well
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